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A study indicated that the risk of mental health problems reduces by 30 per cent when people move from unemployment or stay-at-home parenting into paid work of eight hours or less per week. But researchers at the Universities of Cambridge and Salford found no evidence that working any more than eight hours provided further boosts to well-being. Sociologists had set out to define a recommended "dosage" of work for optimal well-being and their findings are published in the journal Social Science And Medicine.

They did this in the context of a rise in automation which may require shorter hours for all and a redistribution of work. The researchers used data from a panel survey to examine how changes in working hours were linked to mental health and life satisfaction in more than 70, UK residents between and They controlled for characteristics including age, children, longstanding illness and household income. T he study suggests that to get the mental well-being benefits of paid work, the most "effective dose" is only around one day a week - as anything more makes little difference.

Supporting the unemployed in a future with limited work is the subject of much policy discussion, such as universal basic income. However, researchers argue that employment should be retained across adult populations, but working weeks dramatically reduced for work to be redistributed.

WORKING A 9-5 MARKETING JOB IN NYC - busy work week in my life!

Simon's employer asks Simon to come in on the weekend for additional hours to work on a big project for an important client. Simon ends up working for 14 hours on Saturday and 10 hours on Sunday. In addition to Simon's regular 40 hour work week salary, Simon will be paid overtime at time and a half for the first 12 hours he worked on Saturday and double time for the 13th and 14th hours of Saturday.

The Four-Day Week Challenge – A List Apart

Simon will also be paid overtime at time and a half for the first 8 hours he worked on Sunday and double time for the 9th and 10th hours of Sunday. In general, your employer cannot schedule you to work more than eight 8 hours in a single workday or more than forty 40 hours in a single work week without overtime. When an employer makes the employee work more than the maximum number of hours without paying overtime, the employer may be breaking California labor laws.

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California employees may file a wage and hour lawsuit against employers for denying rest breaks or failure to pay overtime as required under California labor laws. Successful wage and hour class action lawsuits often involve failure to provide meal breaks, rest periods, or failure to pay overtime. Employers who do not allow employees to take rest breaks or meal breaks will owe the employees one hour's pay for each break the employee was denied. A successful claim against an employer for unpaid overtime can include unpaid overtime compensation, interest, and attorney's fees and court costs.


For questions about California workers' overtime or rest break violations or to discuss your case confidentially with one of our skilled California labor and employment attorneys, do not hesitate to contact us at Shouse Law Group. The attorneys at Shouse Law Group bring more than years collective experience fighting for individuals. We're ready to fight for you. Shouse Law Defense Group has multiple locations throughout California. Click Office Locations to find out which office is right for you.

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Attorneys Criminal Defense California Criminal Defense Being arrested for a crime does not necessarily mean you will be convicted. California Crimes A to Z. Medical Class Actions. California Personal Injury If you've been injured in an accident, our personal injury lawyers will fight to get you compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and even punitive damages. R" Hours and Days of Work A Daily Overtime - General Provisions 1 The following overtime provisions are applicable to employees 18 years of age or over and to employees 16 or 17 years of age who are not required by law to attend school and are not otherwise prohibited by law from engaging in the subject work.

Hours and Days of Work B Alternative Workweek Schedules 1 No employer, who has control over the wages, hours, and working conditions of employees, shall be deemed to have violated the provisions of Section 3, Hours and Days of Work, by instituting, pursuant to the election procedures set forth in this order, a regularly scheduled alternative workweek pursuant to the following conditions: a The alternative workweek schedule shall provide for work by the affected employees of no longer than ten 10 hours per day within a 40 hour workweek without the payment to the affected employees of an overtime rate of compensation pursuant to this section.

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  • History of the eight-hour workday and 40-hour workweek;
  • Working time limits (the hour week) | nidirect.
  • Rest Periods A Every employer shall authorize and permit all employees to take rest periods, which insofar as practicable shall be in the middle of each work period. The authorized rest period time shall be based on the total hours worked daily at the rate of ten 10 minutes net rest time per four 4 hours or major fraction thereof.

    Authorized rest period time shall be counted as hours worked for which there shall be no deduction from wages.

    Further information

    Labor Code LC -- Meal periods; requirements; order permitting meal period after six hours of work; exceptions; remedies under collective bargaining agreement. An employer may not employ an employee for a work period of more than 10 hours per day without providing the employee with a second meal period of not less than 30 minutes, except that if the total hours worked is no more than 12 hours, the second meal period may be waived by mutual consent of the employer and the employee only if the first meal period was not waived.

    Any work in excess of eight hours in one workday and any work in excess of 40 hours in any one workweek and the first eight hours worked on the seventh day of work in any one workweek shall be compensated at the rate of no less than one and one-half times the regular rate of pay for an employee. Any work in excess of 12 hours in one day shall be compensated at the rate of no less than twice the regular rate of pay for an employee.

    In addition, any work in excess of eight hours on any seventh day of a workweek shall be compensated at the rate of no less than twice the regular rate of pay of an employee. Nothing in this section requires an employer to combine more than one rate of overtime compensation in order to calculate the amount to be paid to an employee for any hour of overtime work.

    The requirements of this section do not apply to the payment of overtime compensation to an employee working pursuant to any of the following: 1 An alternative workweek schedule adopted pursuant to Section R contains provisions on meal and rest periods. Applicability of Order This order shall apply to all persons employed in professional, technical, clerical, mechanical, and similar occupations whether paid on a time, piece rate, commission, or other basis, except that: A Provisions of sections 3 through 12 shall not apply to persons employed in administrative, executive, or professional capacities.

    Labor Code LC -- Exemptions from meal and rest break requirements. See also 8 C.

    Just one day of work a week is enough to give a mental health boost, Cambridge University finds

    R Meal Periods A No employer shall employ any person for a work period of more than five 5 hours without a meal period of not less than 30 minutes, except that when a work period of not more than six 6 hours will complete the day's work the meal period may be waived by mutual consent of the employer and the employee. The written agreement shall state that the employee may, in writing, revoke the agreement at any time.

    B If an employer fails to provide an employee a meal period in accordance with the applicable provisions of this order, the employer shall pay the employee one 1 hour of pay at the employee's regular rate of compensation for each workday that the meal period is not provided. R , section 12 Rest Periods , endnote 3 above. Labor Code LC -- Day's work; overtime; commuting time, endnote 6 above.

    Work-A-Day Week Work-A-Day Week
    Work-A-Day Week Work-A-Day Week
    Work-A-Day Week Work-A-Day Week
    Work-A-Day Week Work-A-Day Week
    Work-A-Day Week Work-A-Day Week
    Work-A-Day Week Work-A-Day Week
    Work-A-Day Week Work-A-Day Week
    Work-A-Day Week Work-A-Day Week

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