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Helios Eos Selene. Astraeus Pallas. Asteria Leto Lelantos. Amphitrite Galatea Thetis.


Amalthea Metis. Oeneus Meleager Atalanta. Clytemnestra Tyndareus. Judgement of Paris Agelaus. Cattle of Geryon. Gorgo Aix Medusa.

Signs of the Zodiac The Milky Way. Greek Legends and Myths. Through subterfuge though, the walls of Troy would be breached, and the city of Troy would be sacked. The fall and sacking of Troy are famous events in Greek mythology, but many people would be surprised to learn that this Sacking of Troy, was but the second fall of the mighty city, for a generation before the city of Troy had fallen to Heracles.

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Troy was the predominant city of the Troad, founded by Ilus , a prince of Dardania. A similar situation to that of Minos might exist with the mythological character of Sarpedon. The first Sarpedon, in Greek mythology, is like Asterion and Minos, a figure connected to the island of Crete, for indeed he was brother to Minos, or at least the first Minos. Zeus would abduct the beautiful Europa from her homeland of Tyre, transporting her, whilst transformed as a bull to Crete. The relationship between Zeus and Europa was consummated beneath a Cypress tree, and subsequently three sons were born to Europa ; Minos, Rhadamanthus and Sarpedon.

The three boys were adopted by King Asterion when he married their mother, but when Asterion died, the problem of succession arose. The argument was eventually settled when Minos received a sign of the favour of Poseidon; and to avoid future conflict the other two brothers were banished from Crete. Rhadamanthus would travel to Boeotia, whilst Sarpedon would journey to Milyas, a land that would later be renamed Lycia.

Sarpedon indeed, would be named as a king of Lycia. As king, Sarpedon would become father to two sons by an unnamed Theban woman; these sons being Evander and Antiphates. Sarpedon was also blessed by his father, Zeus giving the king of Lycia long life; a life said to be the equivalent of three normal lifetimes. The name of Sarpedon comes to prominence during the Trojan War, for it is name written down by Homer as one of the defenders of Troy.

The ancient sources that claimed that Sarpedon had been blessed with long life, subsequently state that the Sarpedon at Troy was the son of Zeus and Europa. Writers though believed that this longevity was itself a myth, sought to reconcile the appearance of Sarpedon at Troy, by stating that he was the grandson of the first Sarpedon. This reconciliation of characters would make Sarpedon nominally the son of Evander and Laodamia or Deidamia , therefore grandson of the first Sarpedon and also of Bellerophon. To bring continuity to the tale though, this Sarpedon was not really the son of Evander, for Zeus had lain with Laodamia to bring forth the child.

And so they did: after many years of wandering, the Greek fleet sailed the short route from Tenedos to Troas and finally arrived at the desired destination. However, everybody was now reluctant to land, as an oracle had once prophesized that the first Greek to step on Trojan soil would be the first one to die in the war. Some say that Protesilaus took the initiative willingly and sacrificed himself for the sake of Greece, but others claim that he was tricked by Odysseus who announced that he would disembark first, but, circumvented the prophecy by stepping on his shield once ashore.

The siege of Troy lasted for nine years, but the Trojans — able to maintain trade links with other Asian cities, in addition to getting constant reinforcements — firmly held their ground.


Near the end of the ninth year, the exhausted Achaean army mutinied and demanded to return home; Achilles , however, boosted their morale and convinced them to stay a bit longer. On the tenth year, Chryses, a Trojan priest of Apollo , visited Agamemnon and asked for his daughter Chryseis' return. Agamemnon , who had taken her as war booty and kept her to be his concubine, refused to give Chryseis back.

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Pressed by his armies, Agamemnon had no option but to return Chryseis to her father; however, so as to salvage his ego and reputation, he took Achilles ' concubine Briseis as his own. Achilles , infuriated, retired to his hut and announced that he had no intention of fighting any longer — at least not as long as Agamemnon was in charge. Now that Achilles was out of the action, the Trojans started winning battle after a battle, eventually driving the Greeks back to their ships and almost setting the ships on fire. Their morale boosted, the Achaeans successfully repelled the Trojan attack; ever the fearless warrior and never shying away from a duel, Hector barely spared a moment before he ran in the direction of the man everyone thought was Achilles ; in the fight which followed, Hector managed to kill his opponent — only to realize that it had been Patroclus all along.

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Achilles , maddened with grief, swore vengeance; with him back on the battlefield, the war took an entirely different course. After slaying a vast number of Trojans, Achilles eventually got the fight he wanted: Hector himself.


After killing Hector , Achilles refused to surrender his body to the Trojans for burial, and instead, he desecrated it by dragging it with his chariot in front of the city walls. He was later burned on a funeral pyre, and his bones were mixed with those of his close friend Patroclus. Paris himself was subsequently killed by an arrow, fired by Philoctetes , straight from the legendary bow of Heracles. Numerous other heroes died in the following days.

Finally, Odysseus devised a plan to end the war for good. He asked that a wooden horse with a hollow belly be built.

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Meanwhile, the Greek fleet sailed away to the nearby island of Tenedos, leaving behind a double agent named Sinon. After some deliberation, Sinon convinced the Trojans that the Greeks had withdrawn and that the Trojan Horse was a divine gift that should bring much good fortune to Troy. They then started feasting and celebrating the victory. However, during the night, the Greek ships sailed back, and the soldiers hidden inside the horse jumped out of it and opened the gates.

A massacre followed and, eventually, after a decade-long war, Troy fell.

The Greeks raided the city and set much of it on fire, destroying temples and sacred grounds and committing offense after offense against the Olympian gods. One of the few heroes who escaped the carnage alive was Aeneas , who subsequently reached Italy and founded the first Roman dynasty.

The Story of Sarpedon in Greek Mythology - Greek Legends and Myths

The gods never forget and rarely forgive. The surviving Greek heroes will learn this the hard way: although victorious, most of them will be severely punished for their transgressions. In fact, only few will ever reach their homes — and only after numerous exploits and adventures.

Troy Son of Zeus Troy Son of Zeus
Troy Son of Zeus Troy Son of Zeus
Troy Son of Zeus Troy Son of Zeus
Troy Son of Zeus Troy Son of Zeus
Troy Son of Zeus Troy Son of Zeus

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