The Emerald Fae (Faerie Believers Book 1)

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Morality , Jacob M. Scott, Johns Hopkins University Press. Kelley, Oxford University Press. Brandt, Jr. Thompson, Ramon L. Benedetto, Thomas T. Opurum, Trafford Publishing. Deaton, Quma Learning Systems. Riddell, and Tag Goulet, FabJob. Shannon, Beaver's Pond Press. Pearman, Dept. Scott A. Raja, Trafford. Hallberg and Genis M. Platt, M. Eisenstat, Harvard University Press. Alvy, XlibrisUS. McCurdy, Sheila G. Carter Sr. Arenberg, TheCapitol. Koomey, Ph. Smith, The Legacy Press. John H. Spencer, Param Media Publishing. Block, Center for Effective Discipline. Simmons, The Independent Institute.

Frank Baum and Oz , Paul R. Jones, Federic H. Profit , International Publishers. Henry, Future Horizons, Inc. Shafer, Word Forge Books. Rugg, Rugg's Recommendations, Inc. Wolfelt, Ph. Oden, M. Each of the six has ties to Kaz, but no reason to trust anyone else. Told from the perspectives of each of the characters, this thrilling fantasy is the first in a series.

The villagers are convinced that the wrong boy died, and the stuttering Ned becomes ostracized by the rest of the village. Come Fall by A. Salman, a perpetual foster-child new to school, Lu-Ellen, the buddy assigned to help Salman adjust to 7th grade, and Blos, a socially-challenged boy who befriends them both, are just beginning to bond when Salman becomes the target of the school bully. Through no fault of their own, the three have become pawns in a power struggle between Oberon and Titania, King and Queen of Faery, when they have more than enough problems in their own reality.

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This magically realistic story celebrates the power of friendship while portraying the dark hazards of middle school. Grandpa Ephraim tells Micah that the Circus Mirandus is real, and that the Lightbender owes him a miracle. The stone is stolen and sold to a prince and Lucinda sets out to get it back. A clever twist on the Cinderella story, this funny and suspenseful fantasy is also a fast-paced adventure. His mother was killed by mages, and his father warns him that Magesterium, the training school for young mages, is a death trap.

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Callum tries to fail the required entrance exam — the Iron Trial — but is selected to apprentice under Master Rufus along with fellow students Aaron and Tamara. As he begins the first of five years of schooling, Callum realizes how little he knows of his own family and heritage. Set in a magical version of present day America, this thrilling coming-of-age fantasy is the first in a planned series. Peter 13 lives in a garbage dump and makes a tenuous living catching rats for sportsmen and their dogs and working for Dr.

Ross-Gibbon, a scientist who wants to wipe out all the rats in London. Trolls, werewolves, and dangerous witches and wizards live deep in the forest. Years later, when he is 12, Jinx sets off with two friends to find the wizard named Bonemaster, hoping they can master enough magic to keep themselves safe. This adventure is full of funny dialog and eccentric characters. The emergency provisions stored in the house keep Pen alive until men break into the house. Eventually they arrive in Las Vegas, the contemporary land of the dead, and confront the evil genius behind the destruction of the world.

Chime by Franny Billingsley Ages 12—up Briony 17 believes she is a witch. New technology has arrived in her tiny town of Swampsea, England, with the turn of the 20th century, and a new pumping station is built to drain the bog. But the supernatural Old Ones have sent a fever to punish Swampsea. Then Eldric arrives, and Briony is torn between her attraction to Eldric and her overwhelming guilt.

Tara was only six when her mother was infected by a vampire, turning on her own daughter in a desperate quest for blood. Now 17, Tara awakes one morning after a wild party, to discover that almost everyone else at the party has been killed by vampires, leaving only Gavriel, a vampire, and Aidan, her newly infected ex-boyfriend.

Tara decides to take them to Coldtown, a walled city for vampires and their infected human pets, even though crossing the barricades into Coldtown may mean Tara can never return to the world outside. White Cat by Holly Black Ages 14—up Cassel Sharpe 14 comes from a family of curse workers, people who have to power to change luck, emotion, or memories with the touch of a finger. Curseworking is illegal, so all curse workers are mobsters or con artists, and everyone wears gloves to avoid being taken advantage of. Cassel has tried to bury that event in the past, but now he is having dreams of a white cat that wants to tell him something, and he fears that he may be in the middle of the biggest con ever.

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Red Glove by Holly Black Ages 14—up Cassel Sharpe 17 is a transformation worker, the rarest type of curse worker who can transmute people and objects into whatever he wishes. Growing up in a crime family, Cassel is used to being on the wrong side of the law, but now the mob boss wants him to become a hit man, and US agents want him to become an informant.

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This dark fantasy is the second in the Curse Workers series, following White Cat. Zombies vs. Cassandra is haunted by visions of dying gods as the Greek gods are living out their final days in war and suffering. The gods realize that Cassandra has a connection to their world, and reach out to her for help. This eerie thriller is the first in a planned series. Above by Leah Bobet Ages 14—up Safe is an underground refuge for the misfits and the sick who have escaped from Above. Matthew is the Teller of Safe, responsible for remembering and guarding the stories of all who live in Safe. Then the only person ever to have been exiled from Safe returns with an army of shadows and Matthew escapes with Jack Flash, who can generate electricity, and Ariel, who turns into a bee when stressed.

As the three try to reclaim Safe they must grapple with long-hidden secrets and truths. This magical fantasy blends the real and the fantastic into a complex and heartbreaking whole. An Inheritance of Ashes by Leah Bobet Ages 12—up Set in a future North America where civilization has reverted to a 19th century level, Hallie 16 and her older sister Marthe wait on the family farm for whoever will return from the distant battlefield to the south.

The battle is against the Wicket God Southward, who arrived through a rent in the universe along with its Twisted Things. The Compound by S. Bodeen Ages 12—up Ellis, the year old son of a billionaire, has spent the last six years in the massive underground shelter his father built to shelter the family from the nuclear war that destroyed the world above.

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The Emerald Fae (Faerie Believers Book 1) The Emerald Fae (Faerie Believers Book 1)
The Emerald Fae (Faerie Believers Book 1) The Emerald Fae (Faerie Believers Book 1)
The Emerald Fae (Faerie Believers Book 1) The Emerald Fae (Faerie Believers Book 1)
The Emerald Fae (Faerie Believers Book 1) The Emerald Fae (Faerie Believers Book 1)
The Emerald Fae (Faerie Believers Book 1) The Emerald Fae (Faerie Believers Book 1)

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