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His wife Lorraine agreed to sell and they rented a house and were then able to buy the 16ac and begin raising heifers for sale for beef. From there they worked their way up to a herd of 28 Limousin cows. My attitude is if you don't chance your arm, you will gain nothing.

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Sign Up. From the building work he came into contact with farmer Tom McDonald, who was looking to take a step back from dairy farming. He had sold his cows after a fall from a ladder on the farm. Tom and Jamie considered forming a beef partnership, but the finances weren't sufficient to allow Jamie give up his day job. At that point, Tom decided to rent Jamie a 26ha farm at Grange, outside Tullow. The farm was soil sampled to see if it needed investment but it was indexed 3s and 4s. The next step were many drafts of a six-year plan with Teagasc advisor Eamonn Grace.

They then approached the Department of Agriculture to run two herd numbers out of the yard as Tom hasn't quite retired and has continued to rent ac nearby that he raises beef cattle on and they are overwintered in the yard.

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After initially being turned down they approached the local office to request an inspector's visit to demonstrate that the yard was split in two - cattle accommodation on one side, and the cubicle shed, calving area, dairy and slatted tank under one roof on the other. After successfully applying for a new entrant dairy quota in , Jamie and Lorraine began milking in spring with 62 cows they had bought from one farm the previous October after strictly selecting on date of calving, EBI and herd health criteria. Another 20 were purchased from the same farmer in October and a further 20 the following year.

I didn't want to be on the back foot - I needed milk going out the gate and had to hit the ground running," he said. The couple now own 13ha around 10km away in three different sections, rent a further 7ha off Tom and rent another 10ha adjacent to the milking platform.

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I almost put the cluster on upside down the first time! But we had no bad habits coming into it - we knew no different so we sort of stuck to the book and kept the head down. As a beef man, he said he was inclined to condition the heifers too much for calving the first time around. However, he said a few weeks into the calving season he did question what he was doing when he was standing there with the skin gone off of his arms. However, they felt the "pinch" in and last year when milk prices dipped and he began milking at 5am to go back to work doing groundswork for the day to earn some money.

Now he is back full-time farming. One point he stressed was that farmers should talk to agri-advisors or the banks. The experience of the last few years has taught him that a long-term loan is a better option than taking money out of cashflow in the good time.

Jamie's grassland management skills, developed in the Better Beef Farmer programme, have allowed him to grow On the EBI front, they have pursued fertility rather than crossbreeding. The cows are turned out straight after calving for days at grass a year. However, Jamie doesn't agree with some views that it is a "race to the bottom" to feed meal. He would be happy to feed around kg of meal, with 3.

Jamie and Lorraine work as a team, with Lorraine - who works part-time for a local company - also looking after calf-rearing, bookwork and cost control planners. After going it alone this spring he is considering hiring some labour for the next calving season.

It was 90pc in six weeks but over 80pc in 21 days. So it was tough going. You'd hear people say it is a thin line and it is a thin line when you are under pressure and things seem to go wrong - it is a snowball effect. Mentally I think you would want to be very strong, this spring would have tested me a bit. That said, the Kealys plan to drive up the stocking rate to cows to fully utilise the milking platform.

Concerns raised over metal theft from farm land. Man granted leave to challenge permission for planned Mayo chicken farm. Tax on 'conglomerates' buying up thousands of acres of land ruled out Prison for burglar who targeted retired farmer Darragh McCullough: Ground up instead of Round-up inspires me to think more like Call for calf age at marts to be increased further. Hi There, Did you know that you can save books into your library to create gift lists, reading lists, etc?

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The Couples Dairy Slave The Couples Dairy Slave
The Couples Dairy Slave The Couples Dairy Slave
The Couples Dairy Slave The Couples Dairy Slave
The Couples Dairy Slave The Couples Dairy Slave
The Couples Dairy Slave The Couples Dairy Slave
The Couples Dairy Slave The Couples Dairy Slave
The Couples Dairy Slave The Couples Dairy Slave
The Couples Dairy Slave The Couples Dairy Slave

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