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He was honest and pious. He earned his livelihood by cutting woods all day long.

Short Stories: The Reward

One day, as usual, he was cutting woods at the bank of the river. By chance, his axe slipped from his hands and fell into the river. He became gloomy and did not know what to do. He began to shed tears and prayed to God for help. Just then, a fairy happened to pass that way. She came to the old wood-cutter and asked the cause of his distress.

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The wood-cutter told her that his axe had fallen into the river and he could not buy another. The fairy felt sad for him.

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She assured him of his help and jumped into the river. She brought out a golden axe and gave it to the wood-cutter. The fairy once again dived into the water and brought out a silver axe. The wood-cutter got his iron axe and thanked the fairy.

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But you are developing a relationship with your readers. They appreciate when people offer their time.

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We got that directly from Stephen King, especially his short stories. We do that with most of our books as well, I think. Email them regularly. What the hell! You can do horror reviews of books or movies on your web site and send out a link to that when you send out your mailing list.

You could tell people about that. That is one of those things that sends the wrong signal to your regular readers that you want to reward. I love that people feel that way. Sales are really tricky.

They are necessary. You want to provide value, in fiction and non-fiction. Another way is giving out free books or free short stories, or behind the scenes sorts of the things.

Reward (a short story) Reward (a short story)
Reward (a short story) Reward (a short story)
Reward (a short story) Reward (a short story)
Reward (a short story) Reward (a short story)
Reward (a short story) Reward (a short story)
Reward (a short story) Reward (a short story)
Reward (a short story) Reward (a short story)
Reward (a short story) Reward (a short story)

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