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When she spells "milk," she points to the mug, and when she spells "mug," she makes the sign for pouring or drinking, which shows that she has confused the words. Early in the morning of the twelfth of June he came out of his tent, which was pitched that day on the steep left bank of the Niemen, and looked through a spyglass at the streams of his troops pouring out of the Vilkavisski forest and flowing over the three bridges thrown across the river.

1001 Nights

Before Dean finished hanging up his coat, pouring a cup of over-brewed coffee and settling in his chair, Rita Angeltoni dropped a pile of telephone messages on his desk. Baptism is administered both to infants and adults by pouring or sprinkling, but the mode is considered immaterial. When war seemed imminent volunteers from all parts of Italy, especially from Lombardy, had come pouring into Piedmont to enrol themselves in the army or in the specially raised volunteer corps the cornrnand of which was given to Garibaldi , and to go to Piedmont became a test of patriotism throughout the country.

When he began pouring the second glass, both guests said, "None for me, thank you. He clapped his hands together, lifted a decanter of liquor and began pouring. Should several furnaces simultaneously make iron too rich in silicon, this may be diluted by pouring into the mixer some low-silicon iron melted for this purpose in a cupola furnace.

Another way of introducing the carbon is Darby's process of throwing large paper bags filled with anthracite, coke or gas-carbon into the casting ladle as the molten steel is pouring into it. The difficulty in the way of this system was that, in pouring the steel from ladle to mould, more or less of it:occasionally spatters, and these spatterings, if they strike the rails or the running gear of the cars, obstruct and foul them, preventing the movement of the train, because the solidified steel is extremely tenacious.

Bertrand and Thiel oxidize the carbon of molten cast iron by pouring it into a bath of molten iron which has first been oxygenated, i. At the Carnegie works Mr Monell gets the two dephosphorizing conditions, low temperature and basicity of slag, early in the process, by pouring his molten but relatively cool cast iron upon a layer of pre-heated lime and iron oxide on the bottom of the open-hearth furnace. This spout and the charging doors A, A are kept closed except when in actual use for pouring or charging.

Like the Heroult furnace, the Kjellin furnace may be lined with either magnesite or chromite, and it may be tilted for the purpose of pouring off slag and metal. But about half a mile below Geneva this limpidity is disturbed by the pouring in of the turbid torrent of the Arve left , descending from the glaciers of the Mont Blanc range, the two currents for some distance refusing to mix.

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It is certain that, until the cultivator availed himself of the natural overflow of the Nile to saturate the soil, Egypt must have been a desert, and it is a very small step from that to baling up the water from the river and pouring it over lands which the natural flood has not touched. The sculptures and paintings of ancient Egypt bear no trace of anything approaching scientific irrigation, but they often show the peasant baling up the water at least as early as B.

By means of this simple plan of raising water and pouring it over the fields thousands of acres are watered every year in India, and the system has many advantages in the eyes of the peasant. The temperature of pouring is now known to be of more importance than was formerly suspected. Having crossed the Euphrates he hastened to make himself master of Parthia; but he was defeated at Carrhae 53 B.

Stein was pouring troops through the breach made by the Silesians, and was making good headway with the 50th Austrian division on their right, while the Alpenkorps, Berrer and Scotti had broken through the lines opposite Tolmino, and in several places had gained the high ridge dominating the head of the Judrio valley. The chivalry of Germany pouring through Alpine passes for an Italian campaign, or a coronation, left little trace in history except the lesson of their futility.

Rosette " copper is obtained as thin plates of a characteristic dark-red colour, by pouring water upon the surface of the molten metal, and removing the crust formed. Assam is a fertile series of valleys, with the great channel of the Brahmaputra literally, the Son of Brahma flowing down its middle, and an infinite number of tributaries and watercourses pouring into it from the mountains on either side. Such ritual use of oil as a o payls or seal may have been suggested in old religions by the practice of keeping wine fresh in jars and amphorae by pouring on a top layer of oil; for the spoiling of wine was attributed to the action of demons of corruption, against whom many ancient formulae of aversion or exorcism still exist.

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But it seems now probable that all glands which have what may be termed an external secretion like the pancreas, stomach, intestine, skin and kidneys have also an internal secretion, so that while they are pouring out one secretion from the ducts into the intestine or external air, they are also pouring into the lymphatics, and thus into the blood, an internal secretion. Assurbani-pal, however, lost no time in pouring fresh forces into the revolted province. The fused metal is best granulated by pouring it into a mass of cold water.

No fewer than seventy rivers enter Ladoga, pouring into it the waters of numberless smaller lakes which lie at higher levels round it. To use the apparatus, the measuring tube is completely filled with water by pouring water into both tubes, raising the level tube until water overflows at the stopcock, which is then turned.

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Settlers began pouring into the new region in the early spring of , and Black Hawk in June attacked several villages near the Illinois-Wisconsin line. The students of the university he taught in daily lectures, passing in review the weightiest and lightest authors of antiquity, and pouring forth a flood of miscellaneous erudition. The lesser immortal relaxed some and joined him, pouring him a glass of ice water.

In his blood-filled haze, he heard one of his brothers shout, and the demons shift their focus from Kris. She held out her hand again. A hologram-like image appeared in her hand. Rhyn saw the demons pouring from the skies over major cities in the mortal worlds.

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  4. We have all seen over the years aid pouring into Africa, only to vanish into thin air. These policies had effects analogous to pouring gasoline on a burning building. Grade II listed " With the rain pouring down my neck at the time, the drinking fountain seemed rather apt. A year ago money was pouring into almost any dot com you could create.

    Best served warm with pouring custard, made with baby's usual milk. The race saw many fallers in the pouring rain, and it continued to rain so heavily that Race 2 was canceled. Caption entries in our great caption contest keep pouring in, tho a number are a bit too gamey for a family magazine. Imagine your poor old gran waiting for a bus in the pouring rain with nothing to shelter under. These include a dough hook, beater, wire whisk, a 4. Even such innocuous actions as pouring a cup of tea or donning a jacket require careful execution.

    Gently warm the gin or brandy in a large ladle or small pan and ignite, pouring over pan juices and stirring gently. At arms length try pouring water into a glass or bringing two pencil ends on top of each. I then offered a small libation of water at each cairn to the ancestral spirits, pouring the water onto earth by the stones. Pouring a molten metal into a metal mold with enhanced cooling produces finer grains.

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    In pouring this ointment on my body she has done it to prepare me for burial. The colonial police used methods like slicing off ears, flogging until death and pouring paraffin over suspects who were then set alight. Before pouring the first cup I poured a small libation from the bottle to the spirits of the place. This can be done by pouring a sufficient quantity on the glass to run in a body freely. A dip in a river or a walk in the pouring rain will do wonders for a Gordon coat.

    Over the following weeks, she wrote reams of words, pouring her feelings out onto the page. There were long scarlet ribbons of lava pouring down the sides like blood from a major wound. However, I think those pouring scorn on this notion will very soon come to feel a little rueful.

    At the first gospel sermon preached after the pouring forth of the Spirit, Acts ii. Low profile pour spout for compact packing, Stay-put lid won't budge during pouring , Wire handles fold down for compact storage. You don't have to be a good talking or good at pouring your heart out. Their latest creations include these teapots, available in two sizes, which have a handy extra knob for improved hold while pouring.

    Muscle and skin were badly torn, and blood was pouring out of a gaping wound. Variations To be even more traditional beat two egg yokes into the sauce before pouring. Saddam underestimated the Iranian resistance, typified by young zealots pouring across mine fields to attack Iraqi troops who had occupied their land.

    Before everything he was an ascetic and a mystic - an ascetic who, though gentle to others, wore out his body by self-denial, so much so that when he came to die he begged pardon of "brother Ass the body" for having unduly ill-treated it: a mystic irradiated with the love of God, endowed in an extraordinary degree with the spirit of prayer, and pouring forth his heart by the hour in the tenderest affections to God and our Lord. At the mouth of the Selenga, however, which enters from the south-east, pouring into it the waters and the alluvial deposits from a drainage area of , sq.

    There was pouring of libations, chanting and music, and bells and candles were employed in the service.

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    When Mahomet spoke of the goodness of the Lord in creating the clouds, and bringing them across the cheerless desert, and pouring them out on the earth to restore its rich vegetation, that must have been a picture of thrilling interest to the Arabs, who are accustomed to see from three to five years elapse before a copious shower comes to clothe the wilderness once more with luxuriant pastures. What a roar of cannon pouring their volleys into the forest, now black with the growing night! Low profile pour spout for compact packing, Stay-put lid wo n't budge during pouring , Wire handles fold down for compact storage.

    The main flapped once, and banged like a strongroom door to the thump of the wind pouring out of the valley. We had n't seen them since, so we stood in the pouring rain for about fifteen minutes, swopping stories. You do n't have to be a good talking or good at pouring your heart out. With fingers on the trigger guard just in case we made an error, sweat pouring down our backs as we lay in terror. Notice the picture where the boat is not quite righted and you can see water pouring out of the wheelhouse door. If you recall the late '90s tech boom, you'll remember how dotcoms scaled shortly after their inception because money was pouring into their coffers.

    [Pour forth the oil, pour boldly forth] (33551)

    If you don't want to break the piggy bank by pouring loaned money into an eco-clean house, consider a straw bale home. It's inconceivable that with all of that free energy pouring to the earth that such regions of the world would fuel its electrical needs by burning fossil fuels.

    Klean Kanteen Wide Line - These bottles come with an extra-wide mouth for easy filling and pouring. If you don't have cheese cloth, you can make the parsley tea by placing the parsley in a heat proof dish and pouring the boiling water over it. Jude also recommends pouring cooled rosemary tea over your pet after a bath.

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    Pour Forth the Oil, Pour Boldly Forth Pour Forth the Oil, Pour Boldly Forth
    Pour Forth the Oil, Pour Boldly Forth Pour Forth the Oil, Pour Boldly Forth
    Pour Forth the Oil, Pour Boldly Forth Pour Forth the Oil, Pour Boldly Forth
    Pour Forth the Oil, Pour Boldly Forth Pour Forth the Oil, Pour Boldly Forth
    Pour Forth the Oil, Pour Boldly Forth Pour Forth the Oil, Pour Boldly Forth
    Pour Forth the Oil, Pour Boldly Forth Pour Forth the Oil, Pour Boldly Forth
    Pour Forth the Oil, Pour Boldly Forth Pour Forth the Oil, Pour Boldly Forth
    Pour Forth the Oil, Pour Boldly Forth Pour Forth the Oil, Pour Boldly Forth

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