NORTHUMBRIAN HERITAGE (Nancy Ridley Books Book 2)

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Items may include full views, details, before and after restoration views, etc. Documentation may include artist name, title of work, medium, dimensions, provenance, exhibition history, related works, previous attributions, and bibliography. Cassell's illustrated readings Book in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide.

Pitmen heaving the coal, by Matthew White Ridley Visual 1 edition published in and held by 0 WorldCat member libraries worldwide Printmaking. Audience Level. Related Identities. Associated Subjects. Alternative Names. Matthew White Ridley. Catherine Mayer has never been one to sit back and wait for the story. Having made her name as a journalist, first with The Economist and then eventually with TIME where she rose to become Editor at Large, she turned her attention to tackling the same issues on a larger canvas, publishing Amortality: The Pleasures and Perils of Living Agelessly and the royal biography, Charles: The Heart of a King.

James Brown is probably most known for founding the culture-defining magazine Loaded and his subsequent helming of GQ: these days, Brown is a frequent contributor to the media, including his hugely popular talkSport podcast, The Late Tackle.

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Bestselling author Miranda Dickinson has described the book as, 'romantic, unashamedly geeky, smart and funny. Going on to win the French Prix Fitzgerald, Towles now returns with his effortlessly urbane A Gentleman in Moscow, the tale of a somewhat singular man - Count Alexander Rostov — who finds himself under house arrest after sentence from a Bolshevik tribunal.

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Verse has long served as the natural framework to address our impossibly complex relationship with both the world and our intimacy with each other. Our Fiction Book of the Month for February is The Gustav Sonata, Rose Tremain's finely-tuned and expertly measured account of the indelible impact of a lifelong friendship built in the aftermath of war. Two young boys, Gustav and Anton, form a lasting bond; coloured by social, religious and family division and the legacy of personal and national neutrality.

Waterstones Online's Martha Greengrass caught up with Tremain to discuss some of the many themes underpinning the novel: the wide-ranging cost of reticence, the music of fiction and the vital importance of friendship. The world of Emma Flint's debut Little Deaths is a stark, lonely, noirish place, brimming with guilt and suspicion. Based on the real life murder trial of Alice Crimmins for the deaths of her two young children, the story plays out during the unforgiving New York heatwave of As the Guardian notes, 'Flint pulls the reader into the finely observed working-class Queens neighbourhood, where Ahead of the sometimes strange and sometimes surprising rituals of Valentine's Day, Waterstones Online's Martha Greengrass considers if literature is really love's best role model.

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Robert Service is undoubtedly a titan of Russian studies. Unlike millions of their Polish compatriots, Georgia Hunter's Jewish ancestors managed to survive the gulags, ghettos and pogroms of s Europe. Jane Harper's stripped-down, heat-scorched debut thriller The Dry has been turning heads the moment review copies were first released into the wild.

Brighton is a seaside resort of many colours.

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Of course, the history of Russia is as vast as the nation itself, a daunting prospect for anyone looking to properly unpick its past. Exclusively for Waterstones, Simon Sebag Montefiore presents his own reading roadmap to those eager to explore the Russian adventure. Our Children's Book of the Month for February combines Greek mythology with the author's own sharp wit to create a high-octane adventure story that is absolutely perfect for that sometimes tricky audience.

Although this is indeed her debut, Maz Evans has very much cut her teeth teaching the art of story to many, many others: for Waterstones, this spectacular new talent fills us in on how teaching writing transformed her own game. Eliot Prize on Monday. As a current affairs television director, Vic James has had unique access to some of the world's most prominent and influential political figures.

A lover of story-telling in all its forms, she is also a two-time judge of the Guardian's Not The Booker Prize. Here, James explores five key experiences that inspired Gilded Cage, the first instalment in the Dark Gifts series. The following extract is exclusive to Waterstones. Away from the eyes of the press, an M.

Basic questions around swimming however abound, and in the following extract from the book, the author assembles her top tips toward diving into a new life of fitness and meaningful pleasure.

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As the anticiaption builds even further, Chair of Judges - historian and author Kate Williams - provides her perspective on this unique and much-loved literary award. Although it takes real writing chops to create something this assured, Thompson unveils some writing tips to the aspirant, including the most effective ways to battle that most terrible of demons — procrastination. Andrew Taylor has long been a familiar figure in the crime writing firmament and indeed continues to stand as the only author to twice-bag the Crime Writing Association's Historical Dagger.

For Waterstones, Andrew Taylor walks us through the inspiration for this fine slice of Restoration murder. With Christmas now over, Olympian Tom Daley would like to offer us an alternative to the usual January crash diets and gruelling exercise regimes. The following introductory letter was written by Tom exclusively to Waterstones customers. Graphic novels thrive on reinvention. Interview by Waterstones Online's Martha Greengrass. In the second of our articles probing the enviable minds of its shortlisters, Andrew McMillan, Benjamin Wood, Max Porter and Jessie Greengrass share just what books they have lying on their bedside table.

Mark Chapman is a familiar face to anyone watching or listening to sport on the BBC. Fittingly for such a wintery tale, Jenny has given us an insight on her five favourite snowy tales.

Collins Life-Size Birds is as much a celebration of photography as it is of Britain and Northern Europe's rich and varied birdlife. For the first time, owing to recent advances in digital imaging, contemporary photographers can capture images of birds in as much detail as can be seen with the naked eye.

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The resulting imagery is simply breath-taking. It tells the story of a young boy, Gwyn, who receives five mysterious birthday gifts that reveal to him his latent magical powers; on realising he can enter another, mystical realm he goes in search of his missing sister, Bethan. Jenny Nimmo reflects on the continuing popularity of the book, written some thirty years ago whilest living with her family in remotest Wales. Carter's irreverant, feminist reinterpretation of traditional fairy-tales, full of gallows humour and magical realist touches, are a marvel and a joy to read.

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In the words of Ali Smith, "Go out tomorrow and get Carter. Get all her fiction, all her fact, read it from its beginning all the way to its glorious open end. As the nights draw in and the days become crisp, what better texts to turn to than the Russian Classics?

It just so happens, Vintage have released an absolutely exquisite new Russian Classic Series: six canonical texts in striking new covers. What is perhaps less known is how vital nature was to the soldiers who fought — from the morale-boosting pastimes it offered, such as gardening and fishing, to the animals that served as mascots and symbols of hope. Best known for his Wainright Prize-winning Meadowland: The Private Life of an English Field, Stempel is an author and historian; he is also a farmer and advocate for chemical-free farming.

No modern writer has done more to remind us of the carnage, sacrifice and courage of World War I than Michael Morpurgo. Through his twin masterworks of Private Peaceful and War Horse, generations that might otherwise be ignorant of this man-made global catastrophe continue to learn and understand the lessons of the conflict, the reverberations from which are still being felt today. Friday November 18th marks one hundred years since the conclusion of the Battle of the Somme, the five-month onslaught which resulted in the wounding or death of over one million men.

Suffice to say, the resulting piece is an extraordinary, vital read. While her feminist contemporaries reviled fairy-tales for reinforcing gender stereotypes, Carter chose instead to twist, re-style and transform them. Few fantasy series of recent times have had the impact of Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers of London; its deviously brilliant fusion of old wizards, ghouls and a certain special division of the London Metropolitan Police quickly found an appreciative audience hungry for his take on a rather extraordinary London.

With the sixth in the seriesThe Hanging Tree published today, Ben was kind enough to pen a letter for readers, both for those already in love with the series and the rest who are about to be. We will be posting the interviews over the next week. Her first book A Storm in a Teacup is a brilliantly entertaining introduction to physics in general that manages to make this hugley complex topic accessible to all. When an agent from a black-budget government agency is declared a lethal liability, to survive she is forced to deploy the very skills that have made her such a danger.

Yokoyama is a hugely popular author in Japan, selling millions of books in mere days, and yet Six Four is the first of his novels to be translated into English. This would seem the perfect moment therefore to champion other Japanese writers that do not get the attention they deserve.

It is the sum of desperate, human horror: an ordinary man suddenly pitched against unimaginable circumstance. Award-winning BBC journalist Emma-Jane Kirby was no stranger to the misery of the migrant plight, but something in this account — which began, as was usual, as a piece for radio — simply refused to fade away. The following ten books were his inspiration. Shaun Tan is an award-winning artist, illustrator and author.

NORTHUMBRIAN HERITAGE (Nancy Ridley Books Book 2) NORTHUMBRIAN HERITAGE (Nancy Ridley Books Book 2)
NORTHUMBRIAN HERITAGE (Nancy Ridley Books Book 2) NORTHUMBRIAN HERITAGE (Nancy Ridley Books Book 2)
NORTHUMBRIAN HERITAGE (Nancy Ridley Books Book 2) NORTHUMBRIAN HERITAGE (Nancy Ridley Books Book 2)
NORTHUMBRIAN HERITAGE (Nancy Ridley Books Book 2) NORTHUMBRIAN HERITAGE (Nancy Ridley Books Book 2)
NORTHUMBRIAN HERITAGE (Nancy Ridley Books Book 2) NORTHUMBRIAN HERITAGE (Nancy Ridley Books Book 2)
NORTHUMBRIAN HERITAGE (Nancy Ridley Books Book 2) NORTHUMBRIAN HERITAGE (Nancy Ridley Books Book 2)
NORTHUMBRIAN HERITAGE (Nancy Ridley Books Book 2) NORTHUMBRIAN HERITAGE (Nancy Ridley Books Book 2)
NORTHUMBRIAN HERITAGE (Nancy Ridley Books Book 2) NORTHUMBRIAN HERITAGE (Nancy Ridley Books Book 2)

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