Hot, Rich and Dominant 4 - Making a Scene

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Making a Scene

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Main article: Britpop. Main article: Indie rock. Main article: Post-grunge. She never nags him or asks him do I look fat in this. Or do you love me questions every week. Acting like Christian Grey is a great way to end up in Jail or a domestic violence re-education center. Good luck! Christian grey….

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What an interesting point of view. I have not read this book and have no desire to do so, however what I do find incredibly sexy about a man is his ability to run wild right next to me:.

We live in a concrete world and while there are some incredible men out there, they are a dime a dozen:. Stephan and Shea, you 2 nailed it! Amazingly though, despite the apparently dodgy dynamics in the story, the fact that tat like 50 Shades sells like wildfire among women is nonetheless not treated as an indictment of women, female sexuality or femininity.

If only such restraint were demonstrated when discussing sexual material predominantly enjoyed by men. But it can pretty much be indictment of female sexuality, imagination, fantasies sexual or not etc. And that depends on the sexual material. We are talking about whole books, a trilogy; people can feel attracted to anything in the story being told. It may be the relationship between them, their struggles in life, their sex… who knows. Your points are right on the mark.

I agree with the points Luciana made. As someone who use to read romance novels, it was never the sex scenes I loved most. I wanted to read about the romance between the characters. Although I think it would be interesting to do a poll to see how many women actually masturbate to romance novels or how many just read them for personal enjoyment like men read comics or play video games.

Which brings me to my next point. You can not sweep all forms of entertainment under one umbrella just because they contain sex. I think Christain Grey is the anti-thesis of a good male role model. Can I be any clearer? Do I think that the movie is more damanging in some ways? For the same exact reasons I outlined above within the nuances of books and movies.

An indictment of female sexuality and fantasies? Or that females who enjoy the book want the storyline and are also attracted to everything else? Because they ARE.

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Some people do prefer them, actually. But here we are talking about books like Fifty Shades Of Grey. Of course it can only be said about erotic literature. Other erotic materials are different, and that is why we see ten in a different light. The money is also not important for him to be attractive. Once again, what is most attractive about him is his attraction to the female character. I just described the Supermodel Retirement Plan! Having read a lot of romance as a teen, especially the spicy bodice ripper type, most romance novels either have a rich girl-poor guy story or a poor girl-rich guy story.

There are plenty of novels about a rich heiress falling for the big game hunter while on safari, or a shipwrecked princess kidnapped by pirates.

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Meanwhile the girl has to be young, beautiful and a virgin. That consent is overrated? The women in these books always want sex and have a great time.

Hot, Rich and Dominant 4 - Making a Scene Hot, Rich and Dominant 4 - Making a Scene
Hot, Rich and Dominant 4 - Making a Scene Hot, Rich and Dominant 4 - Making a Scene
Hot, Rich and Dominant 4 - Making a Scene Hot, Rich and Dominant 4 - Making a Scene
Hot, Rich and Dominant 4 - Making a Scene Hot, Rich and Dominant 4 - Making a Scene
Hot, Rich and Dominant 4 - Making a Scene Hot, Rich and Dominant 4 - Making a Scene

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