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But his most famous work has remained his first, The Story of the Eye , originally published under the pseudonym Lord Auch in We're hoping to rely on our loyal readers rather than erratic ads.

Georges Bataille

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And there was the philosopher who nurtured the idea of writing an impossible "universal history", elements of which are traceable in Sovereignty and, surely his most impressive work, The Accursed Share. The dust jacket of this handsome book shows Bataille in middle age. He resembles a genial family doctor, silver-haired, understanding, a little wry. There is no indication at all of the monstrous goings-on under that distinguished forehead, no hint that he has spent most of his life frequenting brothels and strip clubs, drinking himself into a stupor and gambling like a thing possessed.

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  • Bad sex? I’ve had it – vicariously, of course.

His work colleagues knew nothing of his debauchery, nor did the editors of the serious journals to which he contributed. There is plenty here to keep fans of Story of the Eye happy, but Surya is more at pains to give Bataille his due as a philosopher and political thinker.

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Yes, this is the man who masturbated in front of his mother's corpse while his pregnant wife slept in a neighbouring room, but he is also the author of "The Psychological Structure of Fascism". Yes, this is the man who experienced a kind of ecstasy at London Zoo at the sight of a monkey's arse "a beautiful boil of red flesh" , but he also analysed the role of utility in social exchange in "The Notion of Expenditure". And yes, this is the man who was obsessed by some horrific photographs reproduced in the book of the Chinese torture of a hundred pieces, convinced that the young man being cut up alive was in a state of religious ecstasy "hideous, crazed, lined with blood, as beautiful as a wasp" , but he also wrote "The Problem of the State".

It soon becomes clear that the morbid, obsessional erotic novels cannot be entirely divorced from the morbid, obsessional political philosophy.

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Bataille's literary works are not directly autobiographical, though they frequently borrow from his life. Unfortunately he only remembered the bad times, leaving us with the probably mistaken impression, says Surya, of "a black and completely accursed life". Surya overcomes the lack of documentary evidence by focusing on Bataille's intellectual development. However perverse Bataille seems, he argues, there is a systematic philosophy behind the work, although he was better at sudden insights than sustained argument.

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Nevertheless, through no fault of Surya's, this remains a curiously bloodless portrait. The flesh-and-blood Bataille is missing - which is odd, for a man so obsessed by flesh and blood. Marcus Hicks. A truly impressive and inspired ambient work that challenges and rewards in equal measures. Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 26, Edd Donovan's day job as a social worker brings a sense of empathy to his elegantly constructed political folk music.

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Georges Bataille: An Intellectual Biography - Michel Surya BOOK REVIEW

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