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How can free societies help citizens to navigate among a perplexing multitude of forking paths, only some of which lead toward desirable ends?

How is a nudge in the right direction distinct from coercion? What is the best way to enable people to choose paths that enhance life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

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Drawing on a wealth of probing examples from social policy, literature, and his own experience, Sunstein brilliantly illuminates the challenges that face governments and individuals and sketches plausible ways forward. As the author has demonstrated in the past, he is a thoughtful navigator of territory we may have prematurely believed we understood.

Sunstein gives us a comprehensive and cutting-edge treatment of his enormously influential work on nudging and well-being. Paul, author of Transformative Experience. Shiller, Nobel Prize—winning economist.

On Freedom Cass R. Sunstein From New York Times bestselling author Cass Sunstein, a brisk, provocative book that shows what freedom really means—and requires—today.

Overview Author s Reviews Convene a Comprehensive Constitutional Conference to address key national issues, with the objective of forming a National Constitution Committee. Apply the brakes on the current state of economic freefall, and work to improve the livelihood of all Sudanese citizens. Oversee efforts to dismantle the structure of governance set up by a totalitarian one-party regime, and transition it to institutions based on a constitution and the rule of law.

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The goal is to create the conditions for a thriving state in which the people of Sudan elect their representatives freely; and to restructure civil services and the armed forces to be representative of the nation i. National, Diverse, and Independent. Develop an independent judicial system.

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One based on a constitution, protection of human rights and the rule of law. Empower Sudanese women and strive to end all forms of discrimination and oppressive practices against them. In that light, special attention will be given to the relationship with the Republic of South Sudan. Ensure the state commitment to human development, social welfare, and the environment through programs and subsidies in areas of health, education and housing.

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