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Volume One: California, Baja, Mexico & Central America

You probably love to get a sick barrel and throw giant vertical sprays off the lip of the wave as you race down the face if the wave. If this sounds like you, than I can assume you already know how to choose the perfect wave for your skill level. Depending on your style, if you love long groovy longboard rides or maybe you prefer steep, tubular waves, this depends on your surf style.

Surfing Insider: Finding The Perfect Wave

Every surfer has a different style and that is what makes surfing so unique and intriguing to learn and to watch. You can choose perfect waves based of off your preferred surf style, such as choosing a peeling wave as a pro long boarder who walks toes to the nose or as a beginner who simply prefers to catch big waves just to make the epic drop, because maybe that is just your style.

Whatever your style is… own it! Choose the perfect wave to suit whatever it is that makes you the happiest surfer out there.

Finding the Right Wave—Types of High-Yield Munis

Your surfing goal for the future should play a huge role in choosing the perfect wave. If your goal is to improve your surfing, than more than likely, you need to push yourself onto more difficult waves. Choosing the perfect wave may require you to chose the not so typical wave you would usually go for. So set goals for yourself and push the limits. The perfect wave will be different for everyone.

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However, based on your skill level, your surf style and your surfing goal for the future, choosing the perfect wave can become a little more clear. Now go enjoy the perfect wave, you know how to find it!

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Your email address will not be published. Gallery Contact US Any surf trip here almost invariably begins on Kuta beach, the original Indonesian beach resort.

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The waves here offer something for everyone; advanced surfers will revel in fun, peaky conditions whilst beginners will find the soft sand beach breaks, and numerous surf schools, the perfect setting for a first taste of surfing. Not far from Kuta is the Bukit Peninsula where the best waves in Bali can be found. It only comes to life on the biggest of swells but when it does you can expect one of the most intense lefthanders in the world. You can also expect serious crowds and lots of aggro in the water.

Finding Faroes: Seeking the Perfect Waves

Just south of Bali is the island chain of Nusa Tenggara , which is rammed with surf spots. Lombok , the closest island to Bali, is the most visited by surfers and the jewel in the surf crown here is the legendry Desert Point; possibly the best wave in the world. For something a little more beginner friendly try either Don Don or Inside Ekas both of which are found on the south coast of Lombok.

Munis: Don't Get Caught Searching for the Perfect Wave | American Century Investments ®

This is one of those freak of nature waves against which all other waves are measured. Endlessly long, flawlessly perfect and super consistent, G-Land is most commonly reached via boat charter from Bali. For something less nerve-wracking, try the long, mellow sand bottom right point in Batu Karas. Needing a really solid swell to get going this is probably the most user-friendly spot in Indonesia and though experienced surfers might find it a little uninspiring it seems almost tailor made for learners and intermediates. There are a couple of surf schools and board hire places here as well as a few cheap places to stay.

Finding the Perfect Wave Finding the Perfect Wave
Finding the Perfect Wave Finding the Perfect Wave
Finding the Perfect Wave Finding the Perfect Wave
Finding the Perfect Wave Finding the Perfect Wave
Finding the Perfect Wave Finding the Perfect Wave
Finding the Perfect Wave Finding the Perfect Wave
Finding the Perfect Wave Finding the Perfect Wave
Finding the Perfect Wave Finding the Perfect Wave

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