Beside the Still Waters v. 1 Indexed Edition

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Unavailable for purchase. Productive Christians in an Age of Guilt Manipulators Chilton, in responding to the heresies of Ronald Sider, demonstrates that "Christian Socialism" is simply baptized humanism, the goal of which is not charity but raw police-state power. Combining incisive humor with hard hitting arguments and extensive Biblical references, this book provides more than just a fascinating debate. It is also a major introduction to the system of Christian Economics with chapters on law, welfare, poverty, the third world, overpopulation, foreign aid, advertising, profits, and economic growth.

The Contending Witness magazine May, described Plain Reasons "as the single best volume penned defending the principles of the second Reformation. The biblical principles contained in this book still apply today and thus Plain Reasons remains one of the best books explaining why and when an individual church or citizen should separate himself or itself from those in church or state who do not hold fast to all the attainments of our covenanted Reformation forefathers.

In this regard the session of the Puritan Reformed Church of Edmonton calls this the one book that best explains why faithful Covenanted Presbyterians must, for conscience sake, remain ecclesiastically separate from all Presbyterian denominations that have backslidden from second Reformation attainments. This being the classic corporate Calvinistic application of such commands as "Nevertheless, whereto we have already attained , let us walk by the same rule, let us mind the same thing" [Phil. It is also the acknowledgement that the Lord has clearly stated in his Word that he "requireth that which is past" [Eccl.

The argumentation is cogent with an abundant supply of documentation. The reading can be divided up into pages at a time. Reasons 8 and 9 pp. We might also highlight Clarkson's treatment of ecclesiastical dissent pp. This is the best apologetic we have read defending the necessity of Presbyterians to faithfully maintain the attainments of the Second Reformation " emphasis added. Moreover, Clarkson's section on schism, separation and the nature of the visible church constitutionally considered contains over 10 pages of notes and quotes taken from numerous Reformers including: Beza, Rutherford, Gillespie, Dickson, Durham, M'Ward Rutherford's disciple , Marshall, Watson, Cotton, Owen, Burroughs, Fraser, and Case -- demonstrating that his ideas regarding dissent from corrupt and backsliding civil or ecclesiastical governments are not new, but merely classic Reformation doctrine.

The book also answers a multitude of pertinent and realistic objections in sections conveniently located directly after each reason for dissent. Moreover, the days of the revolution settlement were a time of civil and ecclesiastical confusion not unlike our own day -- the beast civil and ecclesiastical was attempting to devour the "woman in the wilderness" by a cunning mixture of half-truths that were designed to beguile an exhausted and persecution-weary remnant.

The consequences of the actions taken in these days, by both church and state "officials," have been amplified by time and apply directly to our contemporary civil and ecclesiastical situation "That which hath been is now" [Eccl. Of the so-called "glorious revolution of " and the overthrow of the Royalist tyranny the Reformed Presbytery's measured and discerning comments read, "for in a few months, God in his righteous judgement and adorable providence, overturned that Royalist--RB throne of iniquity on which they the persecuting popish, prelatical, Erastian, antichristian [civil and ecclesiastical] "authorities" which were then wondering after the beast--RB depended, and expelled that inhuman, cruel monster the duke of York--RB , from his tyrannical and usurped power, upon the Prince of Orange's William of Orange--RB coming over into England, in the beginning of November that same year RB.

But although the Lord at this juncture, and by this means, rescued and delivered our natural and civil rights and privileges in a national way, from under the oppression and bondage of anti-christian tyranny, arbitrary and absolute power; yet the revolution, at this time, brought no real deliverance to the church of God; but Christ's rights by these [rights--RB] are not meant the rights of Christ personal.

It is not in the power of mortals, or any creature, to acquire and secure these to him; but the rights of Christ mystical, that is, of the church, or of his truth, true worship, and religion, and professors of it as such. For it is well known, that although this man William of Orange--RB , Jehu-like, 'destroyed Baal out of Israel, yet he departed not from the sins of Jereboam, wherewith he made Israel to sin.

Commenting on this defection from within professing Christendom , Clarkson writes, "It is also evident from this, that Schism from our covenanted Church consists in this , to wit, When the Members of the Church make Defection to the contrary part, that is in plain Terms, when they associate or incorporate with, assist and defend the Parties against whom the Covenant Solemn League and Covenant--RB was made and sworn, viz. Furthermore, Schism from our covenanted Church consists in this, viz, When Members, Ministers or others, give themselves to a detestable Indifferency and Neutrality, in the Cause of God, namely, in the preserving and propagating the covenanted Reformation of these three Kingdoms; that is to say, When Men are like so many Gallio's in the Cause of God, preferring worldly Ease, Honour and Wealth, their own Interest to the Interest of Christ, become easy, whether the covenanted Reformation in these Lands sink or swim; and, from a cowardly Disposition in some, and a malignant, perfidious Temper in others, coalesce and accord in apostatizing from the Articles of Covenant foresaid, the Cause of God, and its honest-hearted Friends; and frighted from both, as if they thought it both Sin and Shame to have it said, that they carried any warm Side to either the one or the other.

Have not this present Church thrown themselves over into the Ditch of Pollution, in complying with these dreadful Apostates of this and the former times? And, shall these be judged Separatists, who dare not, who cannot, and may not in Conscience follow their Example? Can such as join with, and strengthen them, be able to purge themselves from the Guilt and Judgements, which accompany this shameful Defection?

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For more of this strong tonic get the whole book -- it is one of the strongest and clearest calls that we have ever seen for the church to repent of its covenant-breaking and backsliding and return to its first love at the corporate level covenantal and constitutional. The only drawback that needs to be noted, regarding Clarkson's Plain Reasons , is that a few of the pages the book being as rare as it is in the only copy that we have been able to obtain for use as a master, are a little hard to read.

Even so, most of the book is easily legible and contains the highest quality of Reformation thought regarding the subjects of which it deals. It is undoubtedly a major Reformation classic and should be studied by all those who are serious about seeing the destruction of the present tyranny which is expressed in the modern civil and ecclesiastical Babylon erected by those that oppose the covenanted Reformation and the implementation of the Crown rights of King Jesus over the whole Earth!

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The Doctrine of Justification is Dangerously Corrupted in the Roman Church , reprinted Exposes the doctrinal sorcery of the mother of spiritual harlots. Should also serve as a warning to any who would compromise the everlasting truth of Scripture, for temporal gain, by joining themselves to the Romish whore, as many are doing in our day. Promise Keepers in the Light of Scripture A Reformed critique of Promise Keepers which answers this question: Is this non-denominational men's movement truly a work of the Holy Spirit bringing revival in our day or a dangerous lowering of the standard of truth?

Includes an introduction to this movement, covers its basic assumptions, broader influences, theological content and practical effects. Basically demonstrates in 56 pages that Promise Keepers is a movement that dangerously and subtly lowers biblical standards regarding the doctrine, worship, government and discipline of Christ's church. It promotes secular psychology, independency, emotionalism, and numerous other heresies.

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The author is convinced that "the dangers inherent within the Promise Keepers movement far outweigh any good effects that might result from the emphasis on godliness and integrity. Tongues, Nonsense and Martin Lloyd-Jones In his zeal for revival, Martin Lloyd-Jones failed to give a proper contextual exegesis in his explanation of "sign gifts" and thereby gave credibility to the Charismatic movement. This book corrects that error. It seeks to steer people away from the "strange and bizarre happenings" which are often considered manifestation of the Spirit of God today and points them in the direction of the objective Word of God as the final authority in all matters.

The Ordinance of Covenanting This book is considered by many as the classic work on covenanting.

Beside the Still Waters v. 1 Indexed Edition Beside the Still Waters v. 1 Indexed Edition
Beside the Still Waters v. 1 Indexed Edition Beside the Still Waters v. 1 Indexed Edition
Beside the Still Waters v. 1 Indexed Edition Beside the Still Waters v. 1 Indexed Edition
Beside the Still Waters v. 1 Indexed Edition Beside the Still Waters v. 1 Indexed Edition
Beside the Still Waters v. 1 Indexed Edition Beside the Still Waters v. 1 Indexed Edition
Beside the Still Waters v. 1 Indexed Edition Beside the Still Waters v. 1 Indexed Edition
Beside the Still Waters v. 1 Indexed Edition Beside the Still Waters v. 1 Indexed Edition

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